Pi Car

This is one of my first big projects with the Raspberry Pi and with help from my 9 year son Kyle we have built the Mill Rover. We used the Pi-Car tool kit from Pi Cars and a choose a different car from ebay. We wanted something big so we could fit all the boards inside so it could roam free.

Besides the kit we have added some extra features.

1. Brake lights that come on when ever the car is at a stop.

2. Reverse lights for when it goes backwards.

3. Head Lights controlled by a photocell resistor . Tutorial available here at adafruit .

4. Indicator lights that flash when the car is turning.

5. A webcam so we can see where we are going.

At the moment we are running two python scripts to control the car.

1. Handles just the head lights.

2.Handles the rest of the lights and movement.

Please click the links below to see a break down of the project.

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