LED reference chart.


Below is a quick reference to where the LED`s and photocell need to be plugged into . If you need any help in wiring up LED`s to the Pi the please have a look at Gordons Projects. A quick search on ebay and should find all the components you`ll need. I used a breadboard with a breakout connector so the Pi can be quickly plugged / unplugged . A little note for the wiring the long leg goes to the Pi pin the other to ground. The LED`s I choose are low power so adding a resistor to them left them very dim.

Led name Colour Referance name GPIO pin Gpio name
Reverse 1 White BLED1 8 GPIO14
Reverse 2 White BLED2 10 GPIO15
Indicator Right 1 Yellow SRLED1 3 GPIO2
Indicator Right 2 Yellow SRLED2 5 GPIO3
Indicator Left 1 Yellow SLLED1 19 GPIO10
Indicator Left 2 Yellow SLLED2 21 GPIO9
Break 1 Red Brake1 16 GPIO23
Break 2 Red Brake2 18 GPIO24
Head Light 1 White HLED1 22 GPIO25
HeadlLight 2 White HLED2 24 GPIO8
Photcell Sensor 26 GPIO7
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